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Julie Kowalski cannabis testing advisor

Meet Julie

Owner / Consultant / Advisor / Trainer

I began working on gas chromatographs when I was 20 years old, adding liquid chromatography to my repertoire in my early 20's and have been in lab nearly every day since then. I am an innovator in cannabis analysis, having participated in some of the first cannabis testing performed in the US since recreational cannabis use was legalized when I applied my experience working with chemical contaminants to cannabis.

I launched my consulting business early this year after I received numerous requests from my network for help and advice regarding cannabis testing. I am passionate about helping people, talking science and promoting growth and innovation in the cannabis industry. 


Speaking with individuals and businesses who have received conflicting advice or felt overwhelmed by the complex and rapidly evolving cannabis industry, I realized that I could help. It was then that I decided to utilize my experience and knowledge to promote trust within the cannabis industry and to champion science over profit.

Recent Interviews

Recent Conferences

  • Sample Preparation; North American Chemical Residue Workshop, 2020 (co-chair)

  • Cannabis Analysis; North American Chemical Residue Workshop, 2019 (chair)

  • Analytical Testing Session; Emerald Conference, 2018 (chair)

Recent Presentations

  • The Perils of Proficiency Testing in Cannabis; Julie Kowalski. (invited speaker Pittcon Conference, 2020)

  • Optimization of Sample Preparation for Pesticide Analysis in Oil-Based Cannabis and Hemp Products; Julie Kowalski, Brian Kinsella, Derek Laine, Gwen Bode, Aimee Soule, Sara Minier. (North American Chemical Residue Workshop, 2018)

  • Pesticide Analysis in Cannabis: Understanding the Challenges & Potential Solutions; Julie Kowalski. (invited WebEx, Separation Science, 2018)

  • Reassessing Potency Analysis: Investigation of Interferences and Method Specificity using Liquid Chromatography-Ultraviolet Detection and Tandem Mass Spectrometry; Julie Kowalski, Derek Laine, Gwen Bode, Aimee Soule, Sara Minier. (invited oral presentation, Pittcon Conference, 2018)

  • Pesticide Testing Basics and the Humbling Cannabis Plant; Julie Kowalski. (invited oral presentation, Health Canada Cannabis Workshop, government only attendance, 2018)

  • Improved Routine Cannabinoids Analysis with Liquid Chromatography-Diode Array Ultraviolet Detection for the Current Cannabis Market; Julie Kowalski, Derek Laine. (invited oral presentation, AOAC International Conference, 2018)

"I contacted Julie for advice and insight on the analytical method we are using for analyzing

pesticide residues in cannabis and hemp. This type of analysis is quite difficult due to the variety of matrices you encounter when analyzing cannabis and hemp flowers, extracts, and products. She was extremely helpful and pointed me toward specific techniques that can be used to mitigate the matrix interference. It was obvious that she understood the analytical challenges and had first hand knowledge on how to address the challenges."

Ben Armstrong

Laboratory Director, Juniper Analytics LLC

"BelCosta Labs has utilized Julie Kowalski's help on several difficult pesticides during our validation process. Julie was able to assist us with comprehensive experience driven answers

and cut our research time down significantly. Julie is a wealth of knowledge about cannabis and the challenges of validating pesticide methodology."

Myron Ronay

CEO, BelCosta Labs

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